Doctor in your mobile

If you ever find yourself in need of a doctor when you are travelling abroad but do not want to risk seeing someone you are unfamiliar with. There is now a medical app called DktrGo which allows anyone to see a qualified GP from their mobile phone over secure video. The online Doctor app has just launched and is taking advantage of the popularity of video calls.

A number of GP Practices have been piloting video consultations with Skype with positive feedback from Doctors and almost all patients surveyed about their experience of the remote consultation service said they ‘would use it again’ (95%). Dr Alice Fraser, the lead GP at the pilot practice Cavendish Health Centre in Westminster, said: ‘The flexibility that remote working offers means clinicians can make more efficient and productive use of time. I live outside of London so I found the use of Skype particularly helpful as I could carry out consultations with my patients from home without having to travel to London, which meant I was able to better balance my work and family commitments. ‘Our patients with mobility or transport problems could get a more detailed consultation via Skype than a telephone conversation might allow, so this service proved especially useful for them.’ To stay ahead of the curve medical practitioners need to embrace technology and having a mobile healthcare strategy is critical, because mobile is beginning to define the future of healthcare.

Getting found online

The art of ranking on Google is not taught in any educational institution anywhere in the world. But if you know how to get your website on page 1 of Google fortunes will come your way.

The skill of getting ranked is often called SEO or search engine optimization. It is a dark art with an ever changing landscape because Google is keen to stay ahead of the tricksters who are trying to fool the algorithm.

Businesses today really need to understand that in order to stay ahead of the competition they really need to embrace SEO and ideally employ an agency to do this. Hashtag Medical is such an agency and they work within the healthcare niche.  They have a track record of helping doctors rank their websites.

Another service they provide is social media marketing for doctors . They manage all the social media channels on behalf of the doctors. Doctors are often too busy to take care of their own social media and this is where a service like this is extremely useful.


Social media marketing is the next big thing and companies that are not jumping onto this band wagon risk losing out to their more social media aware competitors.

SEO and Social Media Marketing are just one of two components of online authority brand building which is the ultimate method for ranking number 1 on google for popular search terms.

One of the UK’s leading authority brand building agencies is Strong Curves based in Surrey. They have a dedicated team who focus on not only ranking their clients on page 1 but also building huge amounts of goodwill for their client’s brands.

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